September 25th 1944

At El Dobbie’s (Elsie Dobbie’s) there is quite a nice looking girl, one Barbara Paul, and I ring up Andy later and find out where she lives and take her out to “Quaintways” dancing on Saturday night. Despite a third of a bottle of Canadian Club I don’t do very well, and the vibrations seem a bit out of tune. I spend the night on a camp bed at the McCoy’s, and having the weekend of in between phases of the course, have lunch and tea at Paul’s, which is just next door to the McCoy’s. In between Barbara and I walk to the zoo and back and the air gets a little more clear.

I have a gloomy supper or two with Ma in her digs, and today I go and buy pyjamas and visit the Cathedral with her.

Henry Larsen is back here from France for a week before returning to India. He did an Op or two with Burt in 268 Squadron. I do a low level cross-country to Great Malvern and back, and some cloud flying, without upsetting myself – so am improving.


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