October 2nd 1944

I see quite a lot of B. and tell her my views on Saturday night after a dance at “Quaintways”. I am told that I am only infatuated because I have not met many women, and on maturer thought maybe this is true. I spend Saturday night and return Sunday morning for the washing. (JDW:??) In the afternoon we go for a walk in the grounds of Eaton Hall. The brother Michael and his wife Patricia arrive to stay.

I do a lot of flying and get annoyed at Bagley (an Old Harrovian), the G111 air liaison officer – do some TAC/Rs and photography and am lacking exercise.


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One response to “October 2nd 1944”

  1. Colin Ford - Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946. Avatar
    Colin Ford – Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946.

    That would be Captain PRA ‘Peter’ Bagley Royal Artillery who had been the ALO with No.268 Squadron from March 1943 until December 1943, when he was injured in an accident in the Squadron’s Tiger Moth – broken arm, broken leg, burns. Not surprised he spent some time at 41OTU after that.

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