October 19th 1944

David and I go out drinking with Reg at the Trevor Arms and meet some half Italian ATS Sergeant whom Reg likes, plus her fat friend, and we all have to go to a shocking troops dance in a gymnasium with nothing to drink there. I telephone Bill Robinson but he is off to Salisbury and I cannot get over to see him.

Sunday I go to London and spend the night with the Farlows, Peggy being at home. Next morning to the India Office where I see several Civil Servants of various ages and eventually Colonel Erskine, Deputy Military Secretary. I am advised to return to Army duty – as “out of sight, out of mind” – and I may lose my commission after the war. I then try on a new uniform at Flights and return to Chester, spending the night at the Pauls as the train was too late for the buses. I see W/C Plumtree yesterday, (JDW: Chief Flying Instructor, 41 OTU, later Air Vice Marshal), and he reckons I shall not get a permanent commission in the RAF as my flying is bad, or rather, not ‘above average’. I already hold a regular commission in the Indian Army, and my application was a bit too late and no one would recommend it – only forward it on. Also as David Crook says, the medical will be raised, and I shall be chucked out on my eyesight.

So what to do? Return to India on a fearful trooper as a lieutenant again??


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