October 22nd 1944

I go with the Pauls and Elsie Dobbie to “Quaintways” for dinner and dance at a doctor’s thrash. I spend the night at the Pauls as I have the next day off, and Barbara and I get together on the sofa before going to bed (1.45am) and I sort of get busy, the result being another “Papist trick”. Next day I buy her a pair of wings (17/6) and we go for a walk in Eaton Park after lunch and there comes about a bit of fiddle-de-de under a tree out of the rain.

That evening we go to a sherry party given by one Dr Wigley, but it turns out to be Pimms and caviar on toast. Everyone gets a bit tight and I am dragged away by Barbara after the rest of her family have left. I just manage to recover in time for dinner.

I do alot of washing today, which is drying now I hope before the fire, after a game of football against the other course.



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