October 29th 1944

We progress on the air firing with cine-cameras, but much hazy weather with visibility two-thirds of the long runway prevent our doing much flying, and we have to stay an extra week.

I go in on Friday and stay the night with the Pauls, a similar scene taking place on the sofa as before. The next day Barbara and I go shopping in the pouring rain and after lunch to visit the birds in the museum, though I don’t see much of them what with one thing and another. Last night we go to Quaintways but I am not in very good form, presumably being worn out from the previous evening. I sleep there and return on the Vickers factory workers bus at 7.30.

No flying today and more football, but I strain a muscle and cannot cope. I visit Andy McCoy as a patient and find my sinuses are OK. He gives me some nose drops. John Aitkin, ex-28 squadron, turns up here on the next course.


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