December 23rd 1944

I arrive in St Ives a bit late owing to fog, and share a room in Curnow’s (Curnow’s Café) with Allan, the gay commando. (JDW: what does my father mean?) Last night I am made to play bridge until 12.45 with the Sandons and am most annoyed. I make a scheme when I arrive, on the available information, but it has fallen through already. Mrs Fraser over from Penzance for lunch and afterwards I try and date up an American nurse I see in “Kettle” (The Kettle and Wink pub) but she has to go back to Plymouth tonight. So I seem to have “had it” before I have even begun. Tonight, Saturday, I intend to drink some beer in the Sloop, then go to “Tregenna” (Tregenna Castle Hotel), spend 5/- on gin and retire to bed in high dudgeon. Never will I come to St Ives again if I can help it, though it could be perfect if the cards fell right – which they never do in my case. I get into my kit and get out a suit that I last wore at a garden party at Government House in Madras in 1939 or early 1940.


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3 responses to “December 23rd 1944”

  1. I doubt the word “gay” is being used in the current sense. Instead, I believe it is used, perhaps sarcastically, in the the sense of being “happy” or “cheerful”.

  2. For a Yank, is this Cornwall St. Ives or St. Ives near huntingdon?

    1. CDC Dunford Wood Avatar
      CDC Dunford Wood

      This is St Ives in Cornwall. Thanks for following!

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