January 24th 1945

I fly again, a sort of test, with F/L Clifton-Mogg, but he goes round and round in circles and I cannot really cope. Then an airtest and today I go out with F/L Bob Mackelwain over Area 1 – Dordrecht, Rotterdam and the Hook of Holland area, and I seem to cope this time. Weather and clouds are a bit tricky, and I see some 20 and 40mm flak directed at Bob when he dives down from 6000’ to 2000’ to take some photographs. No mail yet, and it’s difficult to get hold of a decent paper, though three or four days late. V1s go over here day and night, if the icing conditions are not too bad, and Bob shot one down two days ago in enemy territory. There is a very vicious bar here, and I am slightly flushed with wine writing this – *accounts for my handwriting!!


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2 responses to “January 24th 1945”

  1. What aircraft type is he flying?

    1. Colin Ford, Historian No.268 Squadron RAF, 1940-1946. Avatar
      Colin Ford, Historian No.268 Squadron RAF, 1940-1946.

      At that stage No.II(AC) Squadron – note use of Roman numerals rather than arabic numerals and annotation of Army Co-operation which is how 2 Squadron was formally designated, was flying Supermarine Spitfire FR.XIVes. Griffon engined development of the Spitfire, optimised for low to medium altitude operations in the fighter reconnaissance role. They had handed over their remaining N.A. Mustang Mk.IIs to No.268 Sqdn in November 1944.

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