February 10th 1945

I go out three more times, one abortive due to weather, and another at Zutphen where I get another, more accurate, dose of 88mm flak. One bursts in front and above to the left. Today as No. 2 to Selkirk who takes some obliques (JDW: photographs) – many aircraft in the sky and my goggles keep misting up, much to my discomfort. I burst a tyre taxi-ing out once which delays our dawn sortie. Air Marshal Tedder comes round today but seems more interested in the works than in the personnel.

I get Alec Johnston, S/L Ops 123 Wing, across last night, and he gets very full of whisky and talkative about himself and the Allied Control Commission. We later adjourn to his Mess, there being no more visitors’ whisky in 35 Wing Mess, but I retire after a couple of gins. There is a Sabre test pilot with a George Cross there. I go out egg hunting, getting two and then two and a half dozen in three days, much to the amazement of my colleagues. A continuous procession of flying bombs, but I have never seen one when I have been airborne.


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2 responses to “February 10th 1945”

  1. “There is a Sabre test pilot …..” What was a “Sabre”?

  2. Colin Ford - Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946 Avatar
    Colin Ford – Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946

    Sabre test pilot most likely refers to Napier Sabre which was the engine used in the Hawker Typhoon and Tempest which had a rather troubled early life, suffering catastrophic failures until Bristol engine engineering stepped in to fix a few key issues. The pilot with the George Medal was likely the test pilot on the Hawker Typhoon programme who was awarded the medal for getting the Typhoon prototype back on the ground in relatively one piece after it suffered a major engine failure – said Sabre – on an early flight.

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