February 11th 1945

The 1st Canadian Army advances on the 8th into the Reichwald forest. We put up 30 sorties with 12 a/c and I do two myself. Continuous Arty/R (JDW: Artillery Reconnaissance) cover which fails due to low cloud and a few Tac/R (JDW: Tactical Reconnaissance). I go out with Peter Crane and he insists in flying round above the guns at 1000’ above Nijmegen, irrespective of the air being full of shells. Later I do a Tac/R with him. We lose Malcolmson, who came over with me, killed force landing on South Beveland, and Frank Normoyle, and Ops officer who just vanishes. I am damned tired, having missed lunch and tea, bar one and a half spam sandwiches, and am unable to stand up in the bar until after I have had about five large whiskies, when my strength flows again.

Yesterday I go on Tac/R as No.1 but have to return through R/T trouble, at which I am greatly pleased as the weather stinks. Champagne in the Mess, but I can never grab a bottle. It’s now raining and I hope I shall be able to get in some reading.


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  1. Colin Ford - Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946 Avatar
    Colin Ford – Historian No.268 Squadron RAF 1940-1946

    Vale F/O Frank Normoyle RAAF.
    Frank was the last of three RAAF pilots posted to No.268 Squadron in September 1943 killed whilst serving with the Squadron or No.35 (Recce) Wing. Technically at the time of his loss he was ‘on rest from operations’ being ‘tour expired’. Only one of the three posted in at that time survived the war. Frank was a ‘character’ of 268 and his loss was keenly felt. A number of sorties were flown over the days following his loss trying to locate the possible crash site of his aircraft, which was pin pointed some days later. Post war analysis of the crash site seems to indicate he was shot down by flak near Kleve.

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