February 13th 1945

I go up with Woodbridge and he works with a contact commander of 51st Division, “Longbow Mike”. They ask him to look at various bridges on the Maas and he dives down whilst I stay up at 8000’ or so. I go too low once and get mixed up in some light flak being shot at him. The sky above this town, Gennap, becomes full of tracer, and then it bursts into grey puffs, not near me thank God. I go out again as No.1 yesterday, but low cloud at 1000’ and so I investigate the flooding between the Waal and the Rhine, west of Nijmegen. Today more drizzle and we are stood down.

I drink too much champagne last night, though without any eveil effects. I see two flying bombs whilst on the circuit, there’s just a glow if you are dead behind, but can do nothing about it. I go to a party given by 123 Wing at the invitation of Alec Johnston but am a bit bored, though I eat a few oysters, some grapes and an apple, and meet the famous W/C Alan Deere, and also one S/L Deakin-Elliott.

I have prepared five rules in case I am captured.

  1. Answer all questions with “I’m sorry, sir, but I cannot answer that question.”
  2. Don’t look the interrogator in the eye.
  3. Try not to listen to what he is saying.
  4. When put in solitary confinement, go in with something to think about – the future of civil aviation or something.
  5. Beware of the first contact, probably a stool pigeon, and take stock twice a day on what subjects have been discussed the previous half day.

I have decided not to fly with a revolver, and will hope for the best without it, provided I reach the ground again alive. Bob Macelwain shoots down a 109 and Jeffries damages its No.2, on the deck in Area 111.


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