February 24th 1945

I play rugger again yesterday during a ‘clamp’. Today I go round area 2 as No.1 at 7.30am, a beautiful dawn with V1s flaming across the sky as we go out to be briefed. I see not much as there is a ground mist, through which stick the spires of Utrecht. Later I do a shoot with a 155mm gun onto a hostile artillery position, but when I dive down I see no guns. One round lands on the Emmerich-Arnhem railway line.

A lot of flying, and I always seem to be No.2. I look up the air force list and find I am a bit senior, but cannot break the trades union as far as I can see. Bob Mackeson takes me out one day and we get lost, looking for 202s near the Reichwald forest, and I get back with 10 gallons, very shaken, and touch down as the flare path is being lit. Scotty and Johnson and Mumsford arrive from GSO to join 268 squadron.



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