February 28th 1945 – London

I set off with a bottle of champagne and six eggs on the Dakota on the 26th, and am now in town on 7 days leave. I stay at the Wings Club, where I meet S/L Pallot, ex 268, on his way to India. First night I try Gay Priestley, but nought doing, so I take Gigs out to the Berkeley Buttery and the Brevet Club (JDW: 11 Chesterfield Street, Mayfair), but she is not in very good form, and I leave her home at about 11pm and rush off in a sort of fit to spend £3 somewhere off Curzon Street. I don’t even enjoy it much, but feel I have to, so that’s that and pray God no consequences.

Yesterday I have a drink with Baffy Dugdale and then to Gig’s for a party and on to Choy’s Chinese restaurant in Soho. There is one Monica Peck, who might have stepped out of “Esquire”, whom I see home to Chelsea, all the way on foot, and am enchanted – (divorced twice.) I arrange to give her lunch tomorrow, and get no sleep and all the usual over her. Today I have to meet Gay Priestley in Piccadilly Underground at 1600hrs with a view to going to a tea dance. I try to get Monica this morning, but she has a date, or I would have switched, and am now feeling a bit depressed over her, and have to go off and make hay with this Gay dame in about one hour.

I wire Marny and Bill but no replies as yet. I also get 20 clothing coupons and see a good RAF dentist about my mouth and am a bit shaken about his treatment. Of course this Monica dame will be booked up all the week, or I shall have her and Marny on my hands or something – and I get miserable.



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