March 9th 1945

We move to Mill – a pressed steel plate strip with a perpetual crosswind and I take up residence with the A.L.O.s in the hope of sneaking a cup of their hot water to shave in the morning. Today I do a photo trip up by Leiden and don’t like it as I cannot get higher than 4000′. The engine is damn rough on the way home too.

There is a farm within 30 feet of where my washing is done, and I hope to get hot water there too. Tomorrow my first effort at the dreaded Area 7 down by the Ruhr, and I am not looking forward to it. What with one thing and another it seems too much to expect that I can get through to my next leave and go and see Monica again! God – what a thought. However there is nothing I can do about it, and I hope I can keep my nerve.


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  1. On Wayne’s Journal (, I recently posted a link to a training film on flak. Since he is unhappy that he can’t get above 4,000 feet, the film may be of interest: “Flak,” Training Film I-3389, First Motion Picture Unit, Army Air Forces, 1944. Animation by Walt Disney. You Tube. (

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