April 12th 1945

I book a room at the Savoy, a double with a bath, and Monica and I end up there after dinner with Bill at Quaglinos. On Sunday she gives me tea and then I run dinner for Bill and his American dame and Bert Mann at the Brevet Club. I give them both German beer mugs. Monday I meet Mama and send her off to Elstree with J.J. and Monica gives me supper and sends me packing about 10.30pm. Tuesday I take her to ‘Three’s a family’ and then we go home and ‘Whoa!’

Yesterday Peggy and Mama and I go down to Farnham to see Francis (JDW: Peggy is his brother Hugh’s widow and Francis is his niece) but she won’t speak, we miss the train back, and I just get to the Brevet Club in time to give Uncle George a drink, and then go down to Chelsea and eat Monica’s tinned crab. I get to bed early and feel fine today, though with a bit of a cold. I get a bicycle tyre but the Customs will no doubt get it, but I cannot get Monica and wings brooch under 5 guineas anywhere.

Today I share a drink with Baffy (JDW: Baffy Dugdale) in the evening and later hope to visit Chelsea! We have a wonderful breakfast in bed in the Savoy on Sunday morning, and Monica manages to get her face cream on before I see her in the morning, so that I do not get the shock that she, not I, expected!!



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3 responses to “April 12th 1945”

  1. Dear James,
    My father had a small collection of German Beer Steins (that I now have), but your father’s diary completes the circle on one of them. I am sending you a photo of the actual beer mug that he gave my father all those years ago. Quite astounding connection. Hope you like it.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks alot! I look forward to seeing it! I agree – an amazing connection! James

  2. Dear James,
    My father had a small collection of German Steins from the War and I remember him telling me that one of them was given to him by a friend. It is only today that I have completed the circle with your father’s diary. I am sending you a photo of the mug separately, but thought it would be worth making this comment.
    Quite astounding. I hope you like the photo of the mug. I am trying to imagine it in the Brevet Club.

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