April 28th 1945

I do a few trips up by Bremen and Emden, but all semi abortive due to the weather or my tanks failing to come off. I take one Peter Tredgett pair flying and then slip off and photograph some gun positions near Leer by the Weser estuary. I find five 105mm flak guns but the other positions have already been overrun by our own troops. Since then I have not flown but hope to do so today.

Jock Toothill has been after cars, and through his agency, more or less, we now have 3 DKWs and an Opel in the Flight. I drove one back from Reine yesterday with Peter Tredgett, who claims to be a mechanic, and hope to get it serviceable. The local German province is green and beautiful and not much war scarred. All the women are wearing silk stockings, and look a bit sour about the non-fraternisation rule. We also see some German soldiers near a small hospital. We are six in the Opel and after a quarter of an hour, whilst taking a corner too fast, she skids and falls on her side. We are so wedged in that no one is hurt, some airmen pick us up and we drive off again.

I get a warning order to go to an investiture on 11th, and hope to get three days duty in town. No letter from Monica since I came back. Perhaps she has changed her affections.


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