May 4th 1945

I fly again on a weather recce, plus Area 1 north of Emden. I get lost after about ten minutes and have to get a homing back to base and then start off again. Area 1 is not too easy due to the cloud formations and at times I am not too sure where I am. Someone fires at me near Jever, two bursts of 20 or 40 mm, I think, but a bit inaccurate. I nearly prang on landing, and must be more careful in future.

Well, the war looks like ending out here, and God knows what the future holds forth, provided I am still OK. The Indian Army, I don’t think, the RAF, who knows. I feel I should like to meet someone nice, marry her (though she would need to fulfil my romantic requirements), and get a good job in her father’s business – but what of the “call of the East”, which I still occasionally hear!


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  1. . . . . God knows what the future holds forth after so many years of war, that had to have been on everyone’s mind.

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