May 9th 1945 – the morning after V.E. Day, London

I do an Op after the War is supposed to have ended, of the East Friesian Isles to Borkum, to see if they are trying to escape instead of surrender, but without seeing any movement. I also play some badminton with Mitch, Chokra and Peter Marsh. I dispose of the DKW for 275 guilders in the local black market and have to drive it to a solitary farmhouse where it is hidden in a cowshed, the cart being taken out to make room for it.

I am now in London, and have to attend an Investiture on the 12th, but as the 84th Communication Squadron are having today off, I had to come over yesterday and was lucky to get a bed. Monica I find is away and as it is V.E. Day I go out and see the sights. Two strange women insist on me kissing them in Piccadilly Circus at 2.45pm, just before Churchill’s speech, and I long for one of those red smoke candles which the Boche left behind in our house in Twente. In the evening I go to the Brevet Club but it is sold out at 7.30 and Shepheards too at 8.30. I then wander back to the Wings Club where I meet one Van de Waale, ex Ternhill, and we have a drink or two whilst he discusses life and prospects in Belgium. He later (11.30) takes me to a party in a US warrant officer’s flat in Atheneum Court where about 30 people are jammed in a room which might hold 10 at a pinch. There is Bourbon to drink and a bad selection of dames and I depart to bed unseen at 12.30am.

Today I go round to Wendy’s and see Ma and we have lunch in the Cumberland Hotel. I tell her I am engaged tonight, but as Monica is not back, God knows what I shall do. My kit weighs 62lbs and has to go on a different Anson to the one I travel on, and consequently I don’t have to take it through Customs!


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  1. I wonder what he has in his kit.

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