May 13th 1945 – Royal Investiture, London

I go down to the Kings Road and wait until Monica returns. The next day I take her to the Brevet Club for dinner and then retire to her flat for one thing and another.

Mama and I have drinks at the Devonshire Club with one Dr Cullen, and another Andrew Maclaghlan whom I later meet in the Royal Empire Club Society, where he offers me a job in ‘oil’ in India, which I turn down. I organise two tickets for Ma and Baffy for the Palace and get there myself about 10am, and remain for two solid hours in an ante-room with a hundred others or so and nowhere to sit. At length I reach the King, who recognises my I.G.S. and mentions my long service in India, and we then get out and go to Chandos for Baffy’s Friday lunch. Of course there is a blonde there, her niece, and husband, who upsets me for the rest of the day. That evening we go to Kew for dinner with the Smyths and consume Hock and champagne.

Yesterday I take Monica to “The Assassin” and though I have a room booked at the Savoy, I do not take it as I do not somehow feel in the mood. Now I am off back to Croydon and who knows what may not happen next. I wish these women didn’t upset me so. Monica suggests a parting, in peace, before we go in a row, but I say ‘No, wait’ and eventually we decide to maintain the ‘status quo’.


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