June 27th 1945

I am falling slightly in love – or at least I think so. Louise stays two more days and I take her out to see friends and an uncle in Wassenaar. Each evening George and I and her have dinner and champagne in the Club and reach varying degrees of intoxication. The usual ending in or on my bed, 3.30, 1.30 and 2.30am, though I am not able to do anything, as she refuses and the reasons are OK by me. She has a charm and a certain type of character akin to mine, and even in the morning when I go to wake her up she looks and smells good. “Earthy” is the expression she teaches me. I have to cry when seeing her off on this morning’s ‘plane which is a thing I do not remember doing before over any woman!! What is she? 24, Dutch, but lived in the States and Canada some 13 years except for four years in A.T.A. in England. (Air Transport Auxiliary). With 2000 hours in on most types (JDW: flying hours) and a lovely Canadian accent, deep blue eyes, long curling eyelashes, a full shaped face and a bit furry all over! But she is getting out of A.T.A. and going back to the States  where her father is Consul-General in Chicago  – and in love with some American, with a family.

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