July 10th 1945

Saturday night George and I go out and visit the Wynbergs in Wassenaar and get rather full of rum and a bit bored. Sunday I call at No. 2 int (V) sec’s Mess at Wassenaar and go out with Henry Druce, and some others, sailing. Sailing consists of lounging half naked on a smart cabin cruiser, taken over from the Germans, and drinking Bols, listening to the gramophone and doing a little swimming. Mary, and Martin Weidemann, are there, but I do not get on particularly with any of the dames there. We land back at Varmont about 7.30 and I jeep home, change, and go to a party at the Hotel des Indes with one Charlie College – there is dancing, some rotten gin, a cabaret, and I retire slightly waterlogged at midnight. George sleeps out in Peter Hunt’s flat, and the chambermaid has some caustic remarks to make about him.

Yesterday, my birthday, and we have some Scotch in the Club with Betty, Bart, Peter Hunt and Hoekstra, whose name is apparently “Apie”. Then I have dinner with Bart and Betty and go and call on some woman called Teddy, a friend of Apie’s, who wants me to take her to Noordwijk on Wednesday night. I must get out of it because she looks about 40 and a real Gladstone bag. However, she has some English gin and Scotch, but we leave early and go to bed.


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