July 28th 1945

I go to 10 Charles Street and find that Louise is in so we nip out for a quick one in the Brevet Club. Later we join Charlie Colledge in Tommy’s Bar, some private joint in Dover Street, and consume Pimms. I then call up Monica, and am told to come round to her new address on Saturday, which is today. So we go on boozing and wander round the joints, and I go home with the idea of clearing my system of Louise, which I hope that I have.

Friday I go to Chandos to Baffy’s and Colin Coote is there, and the spinach eating dame, and all very interesting. Later Bill appears in the Wings Club, also Keith McDiarmid and a beautiful WAAF in disguise, Eileen Hawkins.We have tea, then Bill and I go to the Berkeley to drink with the Neaves, of The Hague (JDW: Airey Neave, who had escaped from Colditz, worked for MI9, and was later a conservative politician assassinated by the IRA), then Shepheard’s and on to the Brevet Club with Keith and the WAAF and I get so waterlogged that I have to leave before closing time and stagger home to bed, chewing ovaltine tablets as I have had no dinner.

Today I book my passage home for tomorrow and organise a tweed jacket and greyers (JDW: trousers), which I put on and take Joan Linton, George’s wife, out to beer and lunch. It’s a bit difficult as there seems to be a sort of barrier between us – God only knows why, but long silences etc. Roll on the day!


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