July 31st 1945

I go down to see Monica, with a pair of silk stockings, and find that she is engaged and going to be married for the third time. I am furious so I don’t mention the stockings, and retire to bed about 9.30pm, having to arrive at 0530 to catch the a/c back. London is strange at 6am with a few people about who have obviously been up all night. At Croydon, Paddy Hynes and I steal into the Mess and have a surreptitious breakfast, and then off we go. It gets damn cold due to the air regulator being cold. I ring up Ellen when I get back and take her out to dinner in the Officers Club – she gets quite warm, and kisses me goodnight quite well – Hell.

Yesterday I take a melon round to Hans and Freddie and the shoes that I got him in London and then we later adjourn to Ellen’s but I get damned bored and leave at 10.30pm. Today is raining and I don’t know what to do!


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