August 6th 1945

Saturday night I have Freddie and Hans van Berger to a few drinks in the Club and then we go round to Ellen’s place, collect her and go out to Meerunt (?). I meet alot of people who I know, including Gerard Dogger (JDW: Dutch resistance fighter), and manage to get the lot away at about 12.30 having a fearfully dangerous jeep race with Henry Druce’s crowd on the autobahn on the way home. I then drop the van Bergers and take Ellen home. She has told me all through the evening at various times that she has sent her mother away for three days and that I can come and stay the night. She gets busy too in the jeep, whilst both my hands are tied to the steering wheel (making my race with Druce doubly dangerous), so we go upstairs and get busy on the sofa and eventually score a home base. She isn’t too pleased afterwards, so I step out hurriedly and must now, I suppose, take her out again. I call her ‘Popeye’ as she has a shocking American gangster accent.

Yesterday I take Will Wolders out sailing on the Kaag and we later have dinner in the Club. I see Ellen out of a window whilst I am changing, but fortunately she doesn’t appear to have seen me. We then go to Till von somebody’s birthday party. She is Henry’s girlfriend and Will and I have quite a good time. Under the influence of cognac and sugar she becomes quite cheerful and much less shy and of the nice girl type.

This is a shocking existence. A party of sorts every night and no exercise, except wlaking around the town if George has the jeep – he did discover a squash court but I cannot get a game there. I haven’t even time to read, except in the office and then there is usually something going on there. Will gives me a Dutch lesson yesterday on the boat, so I hope to master the pronunciation soon.


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2 responses to “August 6th 1945”

  1. Shouldn’ that be “she gets busy too in the jeep” rather than the beach? A bit pedantic I must say, but y’never know, it might help other readings of his hand writing …

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      You are absolutely right old bean! Changed! My bad I suspect, his handwriting is not that bad, I was imagining her on the beach. What they got up to in those days – dear me…

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