August 20th 1945

I get messages from Bill that he is calling on his way from Kiel to Wimbledon, and he calls up from Apeldoorn but never arrives. Henri organises a party in Amsterdam on Saturday. We all collect at Ellen’s and hang around, and finally set off, arriving at someone’s flat about 10pm. I take one (one-eyed) “Chick” Rideal (S/L Eric Rideal), in the RAF Missing Research Enquiry Service, and we finally get back about 3.30am. I meet some girl Henri brought – one Lily Otto – and stick to her the whole evening, and sort of stroke her in the transport on the way home. Two nights before, Joe Colledge and I have a few drinks in the Country Club and I get legless by the the time I get home to bed at 10.30pm!

Someone brings us over three squash racquets and a ball and George and I play last night, but he is not much good. If I can only find someone to play with. We later take Molly Cuypers to a beano at 12 L of C (?) “A” Mess where I do quite a line with another Tilly Van Dyke. There are too many parties here. Tonight I have supper with Bart and Betty and then hope to go and see the beautiful Lily, but I expect she will be already organised, or at any rate some’at is bound to go wrong.

Later: I go round to dinner at 7b Hertog Straat and have soup, spaghetti with chillies and a glass of cognac. Then I sneak along to see Lily at 8 and find her out – I go to the Club, furious, and have two brandies, and then jeep round again at 9 to find her still out – am I mad – I have had it again no doubt.


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