August 21st 1945

I go round next day and discover that Lily was at her mother’s next door, but is not allowed out, as she must look after her child, her mother having gone on strike over it.

The Jap war finished a few days ago and Basil Langton-Dodds invited George and I to party in Varmont. George is too tired so I take Henri and Freddie in his place and some beautiful blonde they collect called Katie, with not much english and an angora doublet which moults, and which we sort of pluck whilst dancing and stick to people on the dancefloor. I have to take them home in the jeep with no headlights and they insist on going to some place in Wassenaar which we cannot find – and eventually I get to bed about 3.30am.

Yesterday I have a good game of squash and feel the better for it, though it is damned difficult to find any players. Henri works in a jewellers and I get a silver mounted cigarette holder on condition that I can get the jeweller a pipe – I hope from Brussels.


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