August 26th 1945

I get a new officer, one F/O Colyer-Commerford, who seems a bit odd. I take him out to Meerut and he gets tight and is found running round in circles in the garden shouting “Dunford Wood”. I stuff him in the back of someone’s car and have them drop him at the Terminus (Hotel). I meet an American-Dutch blonde out there called Louise Carriere, but she is heavily escorted by a Dutch airforce type and we are not allowed to communicate much.

The other day I meet some F/L in the Club and take him and his sister, who turns out to be the notorious Helen, to Warmond. I dance around this Helen dame, who is exceedingly “hot”, and even set her hair on fire at the bar whilst lighting someone’s cigarette – but she is Henry Druce’s woman, so the hell with her. I am now at a loose end, as the glorious Tilly has departed to Amsterdam, and I reckon I have had her. I go and play tennis with people called Smalt at Wassenaar, who are damned good.


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