August 29th 1945

George and I move into our new office in 33 De Plaats and I take out some new dame called Sue Newall, who comes from Nebraska and works in the US Embassy, and get extremely tight one night at Warmond. I drive back half asleep and next day I give her dinner and take her to a tamasha (JDW: urdu for grand show) at the airfield, and she is quite a good type, though of not much use to me I don’t think. Monday I go to a party of 12 L of C “B” Mess in “Corrida”, (JDW: a Lines of Commuincation unit?) and meet Helen and her brother (ACAF) in the Club beforehand, by chance, and am practically forced to take her too. We dance around most indecently, and then I take her to the office and up to the waiting rooms to try and telephone Henry, at least that is her idea – mine is quite different but though she fiddles around, she is not having any, and I return to the party in disgust.

Yesterday I go out in the evening and play tennis with Henry Druce and have supper – returning home to an early night and a few pink gins with Richard Tull. I now come out in two rows of medals – Africa, Burma and France and Germany Stars, as well as my original three, and have a Defence medal to come. The fair Lily departs with her child to Amsterdam and promises to write to me when she is “receiving” there, but I bet that she doesn’t.


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