September 3rd 1945

I have a most enjoyable day’s sailing with an old retired sea captain and he navigates me round the Kaag. I then have a party at Meerut with Hymans the Dutch press officer, and get off with some French actress he has with him. Yesterday I have a game of squash and then take Hans and Freddy to Amsterdam when Van Ligten is throwing another party. Of course someone has to drop a bottle of Gordons Gin on the doorstep before we leave. Jock Toothill is there and we do some good work on one Trat (pronounced Trout) Moltzer, an Austrian girl married to a Dutchman in Haarlem. We keep retiring with an odd bottle into corners, and later I go home with Jock, who is running a Canadian army leave centre, and he gives me a bed there at 2.30am. At 7am I awake and set off for The Hague at 8am, and it is damned cold driving the jeep with only a shirt on.

George is posted to B.A.F.O. in Germany, so I shall be left with this chap Collyer-Commerford. We have a good party in Rotterdam to celebrate the departure of Herman Schricher to the UK. I have Sue and Louise there.


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