October 21st 1945

I am still here and with a 5 week moustache. My foot does not ache so much, and is strung up on a Balkan bed. Mama comes up and brings my radio but it is a bit sick after 10 years service. My kit arrives safely at the Wings Club.

Fernshaugh calls in to do the Court of Enquiry and says damage to jeep is £100. Louise comes up one day and stays 1-6pm during which twice my bladder nearly bursts. I get a bottle of scotch from Tobermory, on Ma writing there. Letters from Henri van Bergen, John van Ligten and Herman Hymans in The Hague and Amsterdam, but none from my office. Also one from Dicky Cuypers.


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  1. Wash he charged for the damage to the jeep?

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