December 6th 1945

A chap from 283 squadron comes in and I hear that they have moved to Penang. I am let out on crutches for 14 days leave and get on a train at Swindon in a compartment labelled “not for public use”, and reach St Ives via St Erith. I stay at St Christopher’s, a short crutch from the “Sloop” and Ma’s flat, and I go to the “Sloop” on my first night. Here I encounter Marika, now Mrs Roberts, who seems pleased to see me and escorts me home, even kissing me on my doorstep, but I haven’t seen her since, so that’s done me no good.

I can hear the sea at night – the sea here and the gulls always remind me of my first experience of St Ives, one of frustration over that Denise Bennett dame. I read Baffy’s book “Family Homespun”. I put up a Defence Medal and now have seven of the things. A letter from Burt Mann, and he is only offered a four year extension of service, so I might as well give it up and return to the Indian Army.


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  1. It is good to see you back. I have been wondering if you would ever return.

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