January 14th 1946

I go down to Mongewell Park, which is a millionaire’s house and grounds near Wallingford, Berks. The Doc sees me and I throw away my sticks and do intensive P.T., swimming and bicycling. Gus Sheret is here and we go into Henley one evening and I meet some doctor and his erstwhile assistant.

Thursday I go to a Mess dance, and get hold of one Kay Beamish, a dental flight officer, and give her a kiss or two behind a screen in the billiard room. I meet up with Ellis and Briggs with whom I was at Sandhurst, now a Wing commander. Friday Gus takes me to Uxbridge tube by road and I spend the weekend at the Wings Club. I ring up Wendy and meet her and her “latest”, one Derrick Llewelyn and a Patsy Westly, at the Cumberland Hotel, where we get large scotches by asking for brandies – some arrangement of Wendy’s. Then to the Brevet Club, where I meet Mills (9 G.R.), one of my junior A.L.O.’s in 2 squadron I.A.F., from there to the Wellington and a night club called the “Silver Dollar”. I am set back to the tune of £8 and get nowhere, on this Patsy job, though good to look at and with long blond hair done up in a scarf like a Pekinese. She has a load on her mind, a Norwegian husband she doesn’t want, and is extremely difficult to talk to, though she eventually has sufficient scotch to pour out all her troubles. I see her home and suggest she comes to stay in Mayfair with me, but no go. Bed at 4am and next morning to Grindlays Bank to get some more money and then to the India Office, where I had filled in a form for recruitment in the Burma Police (Class 1), but cannot produce my birth certificate to prove my age. He tracks down my 1936 Sandhurst entrance exams, papers and results, where the age qualifications are set out, and by a little calculation my age is proved. I then have lunch with Bill Robinson in the Wings Club and then take myself to see “Whilst the Sun Shines”. Saturday evening I go drinking at a Mayfair bar, where I meet a South African Major and a G.I. who, whilst on temporary duty in the UK, get double my pay. I take the Major to the Brevet Club where I meet this Patsy again, get a bit drunk, and retire. I spend £2 on the way, and annoy the woman by attempting to kiss her.

In the Brevet Club on Friday I had met one Joan Anderson and arranged lunch on Sunday, but on calling her up she says she cannot come, but we fix up a date for next Friday – but quien sabe? So I take myself to see “Brief Encounter”, then out to Uxbridge where Gus collects me at 7.30pm in his car. We stop in Henley for a few drinks and then come on home. My leg is damn stiff after stopping exercises for a couple of days.


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