January 25th 1946

We have quite a successful evening and consequently I get no sleep until 3am through thinking of this and that. I had arranged to meet Barbara Paul in London this weekend, but I think it would be far better to meet Angela, so I ring up Barbara and say I am awfully sorry but I have gone and fallen in love with some girl and want to see her instead. She says it’s alright and “I hope you will be very happy”. Which grates a bit on my ears, and I try and explain that I am not in that deep yet…

Last night I take Angela to “The George” but we seem a bit sticky and I for one have difficulty making conversation. I burn my boats and write to my unit, now I.P.H.U. Innsworth, the India Office, and the Secretary for recruitment who dealt with my Burma Police effort, and hope to get my khaki uniform let out, if there is enough to let. I should be boarded soon but the M.O. is sick, so God knows how long it will take.


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