January 28th 1946

I go up to town with Gus and then meet Angela at Paddington station. We drop her bag and go to Quaglinos, where we have a damn good evening. Saturday to see “Sigh No More”, and I get a table at Bagatelle for dinner, after a couple in my favourite bar the “Mayfair”. I don’t think much of Bagatelle as the Scotch runs out, there’s no room to dance etc. Sunday we walk around Hyde Park, then to a film “Caesar and Cleopatra”, and back to the Wings Club for dinner and then the 9.25 from Paddington. I have given up trying to convince myself that I am not in love with her, and instead sometimes wonder how much it will hurt if she says “No”. With no effort on my part we seem to click, and everything has seemed so natural without any of my usual evasions, prevarications, and what-have-you’s when dealing with “dames”. I am to be put out on Wednesday and will go to town for a few days, and then back here on Friday for a dance, and back home with Angela on Saturday for the weekend. Oh – Hell!


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  1. That’s so sweet! Just found it in my spam folder! x

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