February 2nd 1946

We go out to dinner in “The Lamb” in Wallingford on Monday and Tuesday, and I leave for town on Wednesday. I go to the Air Ministry and find out that my application for a permanent commission in the RAF has not been considered, so I decide to return to the Indian Army. I have one week’s leave, and apparently no unit, so I see some chap who says go away until you hear from us as having been given back to the India Office. I then go to the India Office and find that I can claim only British Lt rates until I reach India.

I have a drink with Bernard Fergusson in Mayfair where I meet Pete Jennings, a W/C with more gongs than I have! Yesterday I take Aunt Vivy to lunch and a cinema, and then visit Mrs Fraser for a very excellent dinner in her flat, and a discussion of Ma’s finances. Today I am off to Baffy’s lunch party and then down to Mongewell.


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3 responses to “February 2nd 1946”

  1. In a year or so, India will become independent. I am guessing that Dunford Wood goes back into the Indian Army, and I wonder what becomes of the Army when India goes independent. Yours is a most interesting blog.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks for following so faithfully. I have more or less decided to stop the series in a few months, when he sails back to India. Having survived the war and got his girl, I thought it was time to draw a close, as a lot of what happens in India is not that exciting and a bit depressing, and he is back in a year, though he does get involved in quelling a few riots! There is a coda to the story, though, which I will publish – so hang on!

      1. I was rather hoping you might run through Indian independence and his return home. What happened in India is not well known from the point of view of military men such as your father. I understand, though, the tremendous effort it takes to do a blog. Wayne’s Journal wore me down and it only covered an period of 18 months. You’ve done great work and have brought a new perspective to me.

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