February 18th 1946

I take A. over to Penzance on Friday to try and get her an engagement ring, but the shops are shut, and we come home, and Ma produces a bottle of champagne and a signet ring left me by Lady F.B., which A. likes and wears in lieu of the proper thing. We go to Tregenna on Saturday but I’m not in a dancing mood, and she eventually leaves on Sunday, laden down with gold chains and presents, like a savage. I do some heavy reorganisation of my kit, and today go to Redruth to get photographed. Tomorrow I go up to town and hope to stay at the Wings Club. A and I climb up to the top of the hill behind Tregenna and have a kiss or two at the base of some granite monument there.

I well remember her standing by the mantlepiece in “Cat View” saying that if I don’t want her she will go back to the Unit and try and forget etc.

I purposely get into some compartment on the St Ives train today, where there is no blonde! A letter from A’s father, saying he has fixed up with me to see A.V.M. Sir Alan Lees at the Air Ministry with regard to my application to transfer to the RAF, my previous one having apparently been lost and not turned down as I had thought. I don’t know – India is going to be grim now, both politically and professionally, for me. I arrange to continue Ma’s £100 p.a. on condition that she leaves me her £3 a week, and can only hope it won’t be too difficult. Or that she… I can’t write it!!!


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