February 22nd 1946

I spend the weekend at Stockenchurch, helping organise the wedding at 14.30 hrs on March 12th. A. has flu and toothache but goes back to work Monday morning, driven by me. I also meet Tony, and lots of old hags, and get a lift up to the Wings Club with some M.A.R. type on Tuesday. I meet Burt Mann and Bill Robinson and we have a minor party with his current girlfriend Daphne Lyall Grant.

Today I go to the Air Ministry and find my case is still pending, so I rush it through a couple of departments with some WAAF officer, and a civil servant then telephones the India Office and I shall go and see them tomorrow. I get two fivers from the Sproats and two guineas from Susan Fraser, who can ill afford it. My kit will be limited to 4 cwt, which it probably exceeds, and I shall have to try and get a couple of boxes crated. I want to go down to St Ives in the meantime, and Ma wants to come up, so God knows what will happen.

I get pulled up in Piccadilly by a F/Lt Provost, who stops his car, gets out, and says “Excuse me, do you mind taking your hand out of your pocket when you walk down the street.” I have one in my raincoat pocket! I meet Clapham, a Lt Colonel, in the street, who commiserates me on my future rank!


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3 responses to “February 22nd 1946”

  1. I believe Bill Robinson and Daphne married.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      They did indeed. Bill became my sister’s godfather, and we knew them for many years, until Daphne died (after Bill) not many years ago. James

      1. Another example of one level of separation. Mind you, with the number of mentions, it does look like our fathers were pretty close.

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