March 2nd 1946

I spend a couple of days in town with A. and then come down to St Ives. We go to Cinderella and see her friend Peggy Murdoch in her dressing rooms where the fairy godma displays a lot of brown powdered flesh. Next day we go down to Kew Gardens, where I have a sudden longing for the Wynnaard near the Nilgiris, and then have drinks with Cecil and Vera Williams and their Ma at the Normandie, and later dinner at the Bristol Grill, where I dance around with A. with a little more zest than the last time in the Tregenna. Perhaps it was the music.

St Ives: An O.H. (JDW: Old Harrovian) at the local box factory is going to fix up my trunks in crates, and then I have to pray that the weight is under 4 cwt or I shall have to reshuffle everything again. We meet Bunny Stone in the Sloop and are to go drinking with him tonight. Ma unpacks all sorts of silver and gives us a little! I get to thinking of India last night, and God knows what I shall do. Start off again as a Coy (company) officer knowing nothing?


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