April 7th 1946

I go out shooting with A. and get a rabbit and a grey squirrel. We also have a sort of family ride and I go over three jumps. The second one I do badly and come off, the first time ever in my life. I hurt my shoulder and go in to Oxford for an x-ray – it is OK and recovers after a bit of massage.

Plenty of sun here and I try and learn up a little Urdu, not very successfully. I get orders to report to the London Assembly Centre, Great Central Hotel, on 12th April at 4pm, and go up to town to see about my baggage. I have just over the prescribed 4 cwt and I want to put it all in the luggage room, which is not alllowed, so will hope for the best. I insure it, and find that I shall be a bit short of money. Yesterday we go to the Old Berkeley Point to Point at Kemble, but I am unable to pick a winner. It’s about time I got on with some work again.


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