April 19th 1946

On 11th I get a wire postponing my report until 20th and I am annoyed. I go up to London the next day and find that I am on a draft leaving on “Britannic” ex Liverpool about 25th, so A. and I are going up to town tomorrow. We have arranged a small party tomorrow night. We walk and ride a bit here, and I knock off a couple more rabbits. My first English shooting since 1938 and very nice round here, as one can practically sunbathe. I get an urge for Scotland, and Tiree, but God only know when I shall get there.

A. thinks she is having a baby, which may well postpone her voyage to India – I hope not. I ger 2nd Lt Indian Army rates of pay, about £50, having sent a postcard to the India Office saying I am living on air and good literature – they pay me by return!

I get an urge to do some work again, as I have a lot to make up. At present I am wandering around with as many medals as a Lt Col at least! Follow the star…


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  1. Hopefully the rather disappointed comment regarding my conception was one of timing rather than fact!

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