March 1st 1943

A most enjoyable trip weaving on Mike up the Kaladon and down the Pi Chaung. I keep him in sight the whole way and the R/T works, or would do if i had got the fine tuning properly adjusted. We have a game of football, RAF officers versus 14 Division staff, organised by W/C Smythe, the first exercise I take in about six weeks, a poor show, for me.

An air battle overhead just now, with lots of firing. We hear the Japs come over, too high to find with (field) glasses, and one parachute is seen to fall. Yesterday a couple of Hurricanes were lost I believe.

I am getting very idle just now I fear. I fly and do the bumph and read. However, as long as I don’t put up too many blacks like painting “The black mamba of Maungdaw” on aircraft and sending them back to Ranchi, I may pull through yet. A photo trailer has arrived and I am trying to get it dug into the side of the hill, before it is blown up.


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  1. another unknown story from ww2
    Jim johnson

    movie “They Were Expendable”
    Jim Regan CSM, USA (Ret)

    A thrilling account of the exploits of MTB3, the First Motor Torpedoe Boat Squadro! Ward Bond played the part of my DAD! Chief of Boats Richard A. Regan. He did a great job.
    Dad did not return from WWII, he and his fellow

    POWs were being transported to mainland Japan when their ship, the Arisan Maru was sunk in Manila bay by our submarines. on 24 Oct 1944. Of the 1800 POWs in the cargo hold of the Arisan Maru, only five survived! One of the worse losses of life in marine history. Never got to know my Dad as I was only two when he left for the Pacific. He has always been my Hero! RIP Dad, Your son, Jim RLTW (Rangers Lead the Way) Jim, RLTW (Rangers Lead the Way)

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