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September 19th 1941

We take Yolande and Eileen Huggins to dinner at Faletti’s and to the cinema, after seeing the bridal train off. Next morning, while signing the movement book in the Adjutant’s office, I see “JHS Broughton” down as orderly officer or … Continue reading

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May 3rd 1941

War! I went up at sunrise in the back of Broadhurst’s Audax, without a parachute like a fool, and we drop 20lb bombs on the guns in conjunction with Oxfords and Wellingtons from Shaibah. I use the rear gun on … Continue reading

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April 4th 1941

Completed my 10 hours blind flying and worn out a few instructors in the process I think. I have an hour to go to complete 65 hours of Intermediate Training Squadron, and next week we have our exams in ground … Continue reading

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March 30th 1941

Last night I invite Stoney over and with Pete (Gillespy) and Charles (Braybrooks) we go to the Club. We have some of this egg nogg and some food and eventually go and play billiards. Dan Cremin appears, still drunk from … Continue reading

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February 5th 1941

My instructor is Cremin. (JDW: Dan Cremin was killed in an air accident in March 1942 a few weeks after taking command of his first squadron, 66 squadron in the UK). First hour or so is spent in my U/S … Continue reading

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