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Passage to India, 1947

It had been snowing since before Christmas, and now it was early March  1947, and the weather had not changed. Snow was banked unevenly each side of the roads, like petrified clouds. The white fields lay stunned and silent. I … Continue reading

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November 30th 1944

I get delayed in Andover whilst they run through me for a Board. (JDW: medical board). I pass the eyesight test OK and then dump some of my kit and get the first train to London. I try the Regent … Continue reading

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November 29th 1944

This joint (Bossington House) belongs to Sir Richard Fairey and the (river) Test flows past the bottom of the park. It also teems in pheasant. I am due out today and have planned to go to town and then to … Continue reading

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Editor’s Note About Iraq in 1941

For all of you following this blog, just a quick note to say that things are, once again, beginning to hot up for my father. However, he does not know that yet. So keep following – and for some background … Continue reading

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May 25th 1940

48 hours steady rain. Nothing to do. Yesterday managed to bag a cormorant, ‘Who’re you?’ and parrot with the .22. It seems to shoot high according to the sights, so its all a question of aiming lower by so much … Continue reading

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Waziristan Campaign Order of Battle

The following regiments and detachments were based in Waziristan during 1939: Waziristan District: HQ Dera Ismail Khan, Razmak Detachment, 2/11th Sikh Regiment: Mari, Indus Waziristan District Signals Razmak Brigade: HQ Razmak 11th Light Tank Company, The Royal Tank Regiment B … Continue reading

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