‘C’ Squadron Historical Record, No. 4 SFTS, Habbaniya, Iraq May 1941

I recently came across a semi-official hand written record of the Iraq Rebellion of May 1941, in the possession of the son of Dan Cremin, my father’s flying instructor and subsequently commanding officer of ‘C’ squadron. The record was written largely by Allan Haig, with several entries by my father. Evidently as the squadron ‘juniors’ they had been given the task by Cremin of recording the battle.

‘C’ Squadron Historical Record, written by Pilot Officers Allan Haig and Colin Dunford Wood, May 1941

Introduction page 2
May 3rd 1941
May 4th 1941
May 5th 1941
May 6th 1941
May 7th 1941
May 8th 1941
May 9th 1941
May 10th 1941
May 11th 1941
May 12th 1941
May 13th 1941
May 14th 1941
May 15th 1941
May 16th 1941
May 17th 1941
May 18th 1941
May 19th 1941
May 20th 1941
May 21st 1941
May 22nd 1941
May 23rd 1941
May 24th 1941 – missing
May 25th 1941
May 26th 1941 – missing
May 27th 1941
May 28th 1941
May 29th 1941
May 30th 1941
May 31st 1941


2 responses to “‘C’ Squadron Historical Record, No. 4 SFTS, Habbaniya, Iraq May 1941”

  1. This is priceless stuff. Thanks very much.

  2. Some excellent, unique, records on your website
    A “war” some consider as important as the Battle of Britain, in that if 4FTS had lost, the loss of Iraqi oil might have cost us the war.
    This story should be widely known

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