Bde – Brigade – typically 2-5 Battalions, up to 5000 soldiers
Coy – Company – a unit of 10o-200 soldiers
B.O. – British Officer
RIASC – Royal Indian Army Service Corps
Khassadar – locally raised troops
Dogras – Indian troops, like Gurkhas (the Nepali equivalent)
Rajputs – Indian Army regiment
Batman – army servant / orderly
Scouts – locally raised militia
nullah – river or dry river bed / gully
R.U.R. – Royal Ulster Rifles
R.P. – Type of patrol – stood for Recce post.
G.R. – Gurhka Rifles – Gurkhas being troops in the British and Indian Armies raised in Nepal.
2/13 G.R. – 2nd battalion, 13th Gurkha Rifles etc
V.B. – Vickers-Berthier light machine gun, adopted in 1932 by the Indian Army.
picquet or piquet – Guard post, forward observation post, often fixed and fortified, sometimes temporary
M.G. – machine gun
sangar – sandbagged defensive position
chaplies – leg protectors at ankle height
C.O. – Commanding officer
R.A. – Royal artillery
R.T.R. – Royal Tank Regiment
P.A. – Political administrator or agent (like local governor)
Bns – Battalions
Bn – Battalion
lashkar – rebel/insurgent
I.O. – Indian officer
B.O.R.  British other ranks
I.O.R. – Indian other ranks
Babu – Indian official/orderly?
Column – an expedition / march / large sortie
Ipi – the Osama Bin Laden of his day
Charpoy – servant / boy
Razcol – army name for the Waziristan campaign army
Ulia – ? some kind of army staff position
RSM – Regimental sergeant major
badmash – bad man (in urdu)
dushman – a local tribesman


2 Responses to Glossary

  1. Jagan says:

    dushman > Enemy
    charpoy > a coffee table equivalent – can also be a bed.
    babu > Indian Clerk (today any indian Beaurocrat

    best regards


  2. Mark Sellar says:

    Some clarifications / corrections to your glossary as under;

    – Rajputs = 7th Rajput Regiment
    – GR = The Gurkha Rifles regiments were all raised in India (not Nepal) albeit their recruits mostly – but not exclusively – came form Nepal
    – Sangar = Defensive position mostly made from locally abundant dry stones/boulders
    – Lashkar = Name given to a group of enemy tribesmen
    – RAZCOL = Razmak Column, the generic name by which the Razmak garrison was referred when deployed in the field
    – ULIA = Un-attached List Indian Army. An administrative category, used for example to describe British ‘Indian Army’ Officers, serving on attachment with British Infantry Regiments prior to their posting to their assigned Indian Regiments

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