Habbaniya Campaign May 1941

Iraq Gun Position at Sinn El Dhibben, overrun by Brirtsih Forces, May 1941
The remains of an Iraqi M/T Column, near Habbaniya May 1941
A Gladiator on the Polo Field, May 1941, during the battle.
"Sappers and Miners" Ferry over the Euphrates, Iraq, May 1941
A Gladiator burning after a raid by the Luftwaffe, Habbaniya, May 1941
Sin El Dhibben, May 1941
Remains of a bombed and strafed Iraqi motorised column, May 1941
Audax in flight, Iraq, May 1941
Iraqi Gun emplacement, after destruction by the RAF, Habbaniya May 1941

One response to “Habbaniya Campaign May 1941”

  1. Jean-Louis Promé Avatar
    Jean-Louis Promé

    I’m preparing an History Doctorate about Syria and Iraq affairs during WWII. I have worked for that within french archives, but also within the Australian War memorial archives, the US NARA archives and overall the British National Archives at Kew. To illustrate my thesis I need to find some pictures. I have seen yours photos. Would it be possible to use them for that? And if yes, could it be possible to obtain from you hi def photos? And last but not least, would you have more photos on this subject? Or also about Syria campaign in june-july 1941? Naturally, I will source your photos. Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,
    Jean-Louis Promé

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