I will add images from my father’s old photograph album as this diary progresses.

So far, I have posted photos from:

1939 – Waziristan campaign
1940/41 – Miscellaneous, from India
1941 – March-April, Habbaniya, Iraq
1941 – May, Habbaniya campaign, Iraq



2 responses to “Photos”

  1. This is a fantastic site / resource. Is there a plan to link up with other resources?
    My grandfather first served, I think, as a navigator on RAF bombers, then Royal Core of Signals in Burma before ending up in at the North West Frontier in the Waziristan Rifles – only leaving India around the time of partition. He was a keen photographer and I recognise many of the places in your pictures especially around Banu.
    I’m in the process of scanning his old photographs and negatives – and will upload and link them in due course.

    1. James Dunford Wood Avatar
      James Dunford Wood

      Thanks for your comment. My father also came back to India – he was demobbed from the RAF and sent back to the Indian Army in 1946! – and was there for Partition. Do send me some links to photos you scan – did your grandfather keep a diary? Yes, would love to link up to other similar resources, but have not come across many in the same genre, nor have I had time to really focus on that, but I should do.
      best wishes

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