October 1st 1945

I don’t change my guilders, thinking it safer not to. I have now been here a fortnight and Mama may be up next week. Sgt Lovell still has my fountain pen, so this is all I have (JDW: he is writing in pencil). We are woken for washing at 6am – I then doze until breakfast at 8. Read the paper and write a letter until 12.30 lunch. Doze and a pipe until tea at 3.30, half pint of beer and a cigarette at 6 and at 10.30 the ordeal of sleeping begins. Lately my foot has started to ache so I have to be well doped to get any sleep at all. I have no appetite and have trouble with my bowels.

I see that Golly Gilbert gets out from Malaya. I take up pipe smoking again – and try and arrange to get my kit sent across from The Hague. What next. Quien sabe?

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September 20th 1945

I fall down in the world! I take Trat to Meerut and we have a reasonable party, though she has a cold and engages in a long session in Viennese with Bart, who later steals her away from dinner for a dance – much to my disgust. The next day I arrange to take her to John Van Ligten to a party there, and I have a lot of difficulty in getting out of taking Henri and Freddy too, in fact I have to rope in Chuck with the 15 cwt to take them. I jeep off to Heemstede and find Trat in bed with a cold. So we sit upstairs and consume a bottle of wine – of course John comes in and appears to own the place. I eventually take him off to the Amsterdam party where I entertain the guests (male) with my “Big Chief Boiler Kettle” story. At 11.30 I take John “home” – i.e. to Trat’s house where we have a cup of tea, borrow a book of Oscar Wilde and set off for home at 1.30am in pouring rain.

Going down the autobahn I notice I am doing about 40, but my lights do not search far ahead and all I can do is follow the centre white line. Suddenly something appears in sight but I haven’t even time to brake and hit it full and square. It is the last of two small German tanks driven by Dutch drivers of the “Eclipse” scheme, which had run out of petrol and so just stopped on the road – no lights of course.

I bale out, bleeding from my nose, and find my right leg twisted inwards – the jeep horn full on, and much rain. Some civil policeman in a car picks me up and takes me to Valkenburg, where they give me a shot of Scotch and cocaine and send me off to a military hospital in Rotterdam. Next day I am x-rayed and find my right hip is dislocated and the femur fractured. Chuck comes down, then goes back up to the Hague and brings me some kit and a pukka “658” (?), as the one I was using on the fateful night had his signature on it, forged by me. My hip is re-set and I am put in a Thomas splint and packed off to Antwerp.

I have difficulty in sleeping on my back and also in sitting on a bed pan, which has always been a hobby of mine. Next day I go to a hospital in Brussels and yesterday am flown across to the UK. I leave hospital at 12.45 for C.A.E.C. at Evere and am put in the Dakota on my stretcher. 1.10 before take off – hundreds of people get in and then off we go, arriving in Down Ampney (RAF Down Ampney in Wiltshire) in 2.10 or so. Here I am carried into a long shed, my stretcher put on a couple of buckets, and I find myself next to a Pole from Italy. I am then given a cup of tea, a bottle, a cigarette, a newspaper, a “dinner” on a plate, a piece of chocolate and a wash, and a Red Cross dame comes round with a bag of toilet necessities and offers to send wires or telephone my next of kin – Heaven forbid.

Then off in another ambulance – my 7th – to Wroughton Hospital where I now am – most depressed, as some Sgt bone shark has said it will all take about five months – so what to do with my kit in The Hague? I have just made a lying declaration to try and change 37 guilders, which I must get back and tear up, so I reckon that one way or the other I am in the SOUP!

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September 11th 1945

I go over to Heemsteede to see Trat but she is out, so I leave a message that I shall be back on Saturday and drive home – 50 minutes jeeping. Next night I take Sue Newall to a party at MRES and then on to a dance at Schreveningen Casino, but she is still a bit stand-offish – I kiss her though. Saturday I go to Heemstede with half a bottle of whisky and we sit and talk and smoke until midnight when I drive home. Nothing much doing, it seems, and so I arrange to go back to dinner on Monday. I go there and find one Yon Winser who was with her at that Amsterdam party, is living in the house, and has been since he was hidden there by the Underground in 1943 – presumably her lover – what a blow. However, I seem to make a little progress and have arranged to take her to Meerut on Thursday, if nothing prevails in the meanwhile. She definitely has charm, despite her glasses and broken teeth, but this lodger is more than I can compete with!

The other day I decide to go for a walk on the beach and call up Luki Dam, who says she is willing. We walk up and down, sit on a piece of driftwood, she snuggles around, so eventually I give her a kiss good and proper as I cannot hold it any longer. The result is astounding, and she is hotter than anything I met in the Hague! But she is engaged to Robert Van Gudder, an Old Harrovian acquaintance of mine, and so that’s that – one day the day will dawn I hope.

I see Lily Otto in the club – having told me she was going to Amsterdam and would write to me from there.

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September 9th 1945

I take Louise out again to dinner at the Brevet Club, where I meet Morley-Mower, who is, or was rather, Allan Haig’s sister-in-law. We then go on to Chez Marcelle and dance around in the usual fashion, and so home. Next day I come over on the Dutch Military Air Service as no one has turned up for me in an Auster, and hide on the airfield until the bus leaves for the Hague, so that no one shall see me.

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September 5th 1945

I ask for a 72 (hours leave) in London but W/C Pippet says he cannot allow it, but if I get over on my own steam then it’s OK by him. So I arrange to be flown over and back by Auster. I came over on Monday, over Walchem and Calais to Dover, where we proceed to get lost, and eventually touch down at Fair Oaks near Staines, refuel, and fly on to Hendon. Here I get into trouble with the Customs officer over a parcel of stuff for George’s wife which I say is bulbs, a clock, and five pound notes which I do not mention. He grills me hard and has me so nervous it’s hardly true, then says “OK, see the currency officer” and I am free – let go! He had threatened to search me for jewellery etc.

I get a bed in the Wings Club and take Louise Carriere out to the Brevet Club, 66 Grosvenor Club and some club of hers. I get eventually excited dancing with her and she warms up a little and we have quite a session on the stairs outside her flat afterwards, but nothing else, and I do not think there is anything there. Next day I go and delve into BOAC for a job in the traffic department, and there is a chance of one at £300 – or about £100 overseas, after I am de-mobbed, which in point of fact means starting all over again. That evening I go to Shepheards and meet Ken Harkisson and have a few beers, and then I meet S/L “Horse” Evans from Habbaniya in the Brevet Club, get bored at 9.30pm, and return to the Wings Club, where I encounter Wilfred Van der Walle, my Belgian friend, and we ride out on his motorcycle to the King George Club for some coffee.

Today I phone up Hendon about the Auster that was to bring me home and find it has not arrived, so I must go on a Dutch a/c to Valkenburg tomorrow, and it will be plain to all that I have been to the UK and I shall get into trouble. That’s if the weather doesn’t stop flying, in which case I shall have no bed. This Louise Carriere would be extremely nice – my, my, but she is aged 20 and has old fashioned ideas, also hosts of boyfriends. We have lunch today at 3 Grosvenor Square, or Washington Square, or Eisenhower Plaats!

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September 3rd 1945

I have a most enjoyable day’s sailing with an old retired sea captain and he navigates me round the Kaag. I then have a party at Meerut with Hymans the Dutch press officer, and get off with some French actress he has with him. Yesterday I have a game of squash and then take Hans and Freddy to Amsterdam when Van Ligten is throwing another party. Of course someone has to drop a bottle of Gordons Gin on the doorstep before we leave. Jock Toothill is there and we do some good work on one Trat (pronounced Trout) Moltzer, an Austrian girl married to a Dutchman in Haarlem. We keep retiring with an odd bottle into corners, and later I go home with Jock, who is running a Canadian army leave centre, and he gives me a bed there at 2.30am. At 7am I awake and set off for The Hague at 8am, and it is damned cold driving the jeep with only a shirt on.

George is posted to B.A.F.O. in Germany, so I shall be left with this chap Collyer-Commerford. We have a good party in Rotterdam to celebrate the departure of Herman Schricher to the UK. I have Sue and Louise there.

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August 29th 1945

George and I move into our new office in 33 De Plaats and I take out some new dame called Sue Newall, who comes from Nebraska and works in the US Embassy, and get extremely tight one night at Warmond. I drive back half asleep and next day I give her dinner and take her to a tamasha (JDW: urdu for grand show) at the airfield, and she is quite a good type, though of not much use to me I don’t think. Monday I go to a party of 12 L of C “B” Mess in “Corrida”, (JDW: a Lines of Commuincation unit?) and meet Helen and her brother (ACAF) in the Club beforehand, by chance, and am practically forced to take her too. We dance around most indecently, and then I take her to the office and up to the waiting rooms to try and telephone Henry, at least that is her idea – mine is quite different but though she fiddles around, she is not having any, and I return to the party in disgust.

Yesterday I go out in the evening and play tennis with Henry Druce and have supper – returning home to an early night and a few pink gins with Richard Tull. I now come out in two rows of medals – Africa, Burma and France and Germany Stars, as well as my original three, and have a Defence medal to come. The fair Lily departs with her child to Amsterdam and promises to write to me when she is “receiving” there, but I bet that she doesn’t.

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