March 2nd 1939 – Razmak

I go out dog shooting with the Provost Sergeant. Carey as well, and we shot four pie dogs. Three in the 5/11 Officers lines, which won’t go down too well, as we left the bodies lying there by the side of the path. Whist out on the Jandola road, outside 2 gate, I slip in my sea boots on the icy surface and break the stock of my gun and also spectacle lense in my hip pocket. A damn silly thing to do. The Provost Sergeant said that about three weeks ago two 6/11 jawas carting out refuse just beyond HMS Razmak were caught and stripped of everything, being sent back starko with their mules. He also said some Chinamen operated a gambling den in the skating rink and several chaps lost up to Rs 200/- – one sportsman decided to take his revenge, as when he had returned to ask for Rs 10/- or so back for fags, he was thrown out. One night, whilst going to shut the bazaar, the Provost Sergeant saw a match striking close to the ground by the rink walls. He leapt over the wire, and the fellow got away but he found the walls petrol soaked, breast high.


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