March 19th 1939 – Razani

Intelligence reports that during an action of the 16th in Khaisora, when 1st Brigade were trying to evict some enemy from caves where they were lurking, a very difficult and dangerous job by all accounts, as they have no mortars up there, Lt Beale from 3/17 was killed with ten Indian other ranks, two British officers wounded, one Indian officer and ten Indian other ranks. The enemy were reported to have 15 dead, 7 expected dead, and 20 were estimated as being wounded.

There are some gunners here, on their way down from Razmak. One says the R.U.R. (Royal Ulster Regiment) are a blooddthirsty lot, baying for dead tribesmen as it were. A section was out doing something or other when they observed 15 armed men or so. After some loud discussion they decided they were “blankety scouts”. Just then three shots rang out, the section commander (Cooley, MM) fell with a bullet through the neck and two others received holes in their Topees. Then they lay down and opened fire, killing six dushmen, the rest presumably fleeing. Not a bad effort. There is much talk of us returning to Razmak in a few days, and more talk of the concentration of Razcol so as to go out in April sometime. I only hope to God they do.


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