May 26th 1939 – Razani

An Ulster B.O. – Lt Dowlea MC – got hit by a small piece of stone or bullet in the cavity just below the eye. Column went out on 22nd and back on 23rd. A few shots fired on the way out. About midnight a volley of 25 or so fired into camp, but with no effect. Out on a Brigade recce show yesterday on Ghariom road. I got up to near the Postman’s Daughter on the ridge up there. The Baluchis (3/10) had quite a battle on the right flank and I saw the tanks returning from their recce, amid a hail of bullets from quite a short range. One RTC got “splashed” on the ear and a few tanks came home with bullet holes.

The Derby won by Blue Peter. It costs me six beers as I divide the runners with Mickey Wardle, eight each, and he gets 1st 2nd and even 3rd.

Letter from Ma and photo of June’s wedding. Also from pop Jacobs who is planting nasturtiums on top of his air raid shelter for camouflage, and grows mushrooms inside, in peace that is. Also heard from Toby with Camerons in (Adhmedruogar). I took some very fine pictures of Shini village and neighboring hills form up Das the other day. An interesting lecture by the resident on ‘policy,’ but he really didn’t say really what the policy is, or why we can’t retire to Bannu and build a ‘Tegorts’ Wall.’


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